K223731 Dentist

Making a step to another country is not strange for this 38-year-old Polish candidate; for example, she worked in Majorca until her graduation until 2016.

K212983 Dentist

This Spanish dentist is not afraid to step out of her comfort zone.

K223523 dentist

This highly motivated Spanish candidate has become a dentist because she gets energy from working with and helping people.

K223219 Dentist

This young Portuguese lady recently graduated (University Gernando Pessoa in Porto - Portugal).

K222797 Dentist

This 47-year-old, friendly, Romanian dentist has been able to experience dentistry in different countries during her career.

K221057 Dentist

Radu is a 32-year-old, experienced, friendly, accessible dentist with a specialization in orthodontics.

K221753 Dentist

Adeline is a 29-year-old Romanian dentist with a special interest in prostodontics and aesthetics.

K223082 Dentist

Diana is a 29-year-old, fluent, spontaneous, communicative and friendly dentist

K212598 Dentist

Andreea is a 32-year-old dentist with a special interest in protethology.