K222870 Dentist

This highly motivated young Portuguese dentist is determined to start her career in the Netherlands.

K223662 Dentist

This highly patient-oriented and empathetic dentist has decided to make the step from Romania to Belgium to continue her career.

K223731 Dentist

Making a step to another country is not strange for this 38-year-old Polish candidate; for example, she worked in Majorca until her graduation until 2016.

K223491 Dentist – Endodontologist

anish dentist with more than 20 years of experience in, among other things, high end endodontics has fallen in love with Belgium and the Netherlands.

K206166 Dentist

This highly motivated, 53-year-old Bulgarian dentist has decided to practice his profession within the well-running care system of Belgium.

K223680 Tandarts – Endodontologist

Roxana is a 31-year-old, highly motivated, left-handed Romanian dentist. Given the long days she makes and the unhealthy work - life balance she would like to move towards dental Belgium.

K212983 Dentist

This Spanish dentist is not afraid to step out of her comfort zone.

K223579 Dentist

This 25-year-old dentist can be described as very communicative and enthusiastic.

K223630 Dentist

This 36-year-old Polish dentist is ready for a new step in his life.