Within one month an interview

In March 2016, I decided to go abroad to find a new job. At that time I was working as a psychiatrist in Barcelona, but I had a small salary and my work schedule was very difficult to combine with my private life. Then I contacted Care Force.

Best decision of my life

Here is a team that I can recommend with full confidence to anyone who would like to start their career in Europe. This is a life time commitment as they protect your interest even after you are established as a doctor and living your dream life.

“I’m having a great experience”

My story with the Netherlands began with the first contact with Timo, who introduced me to the refugee project, and after a few months of preparation, here I am already working.

I’m very satisfied with their service

My experience with Careforce has been reliable and professional. Intensive course in Dutch and friendly disposition in assisting with bureaucracy and inquiries. All in all, I'm very satisfied with their service.

Care Force is my partner

Care Force is not only a recruitment agency, Care Force is my partner. I can say that I’m very pleased and surprised about Care Force.

They are really organized

I only have good things to say about my experience with Care Force: they helped me in the process of finding a job as a dentist in The Netherlands.

I can only say good things

I can only say good things about the work of the Care Force team: above all, I praise the outstanding commitment and efficiency of their work.

Care Force cares indeed for you

I got in touch with Care Force as a dentist right after my graduation from the university in Germany. I was amazed how dedicated the Care Force team is in terms of giving people an opportunity to work in Belgium or in my case in the Netherlands.