Initially I was a little cautious

Initially I was a bit cautious, we had our sights on getting a Dutch dentist and had never thought at the idea to look across the border.

However, after our lengthy search yielded nothing, I decided to go with Care Force. A good move, because within a few weeks we were sitting at the table with a German dentist. And there was an instant click. This dentist is a man with more old-fashioned beliefs. He wants to build something and is willing to work hard for.

An attitude that I do not often aantref in young Dutch dentists. Care Force has taken care of the necessary preparations, such as an intensive language course, BIG registration, a social security number, bank account number and housing in conjunction with the practice. The dentist does an excellent job in the practice, which which led to that I gave Care Force an offer to look for a second dentist. I can recommend their services therefore warmly.

  • Willem, Praktijkeigenaar