Care Force cares indeed for you

I got in touch with Care Force as a dentist right after my graduation from the university in Germany. I was amazed how dedicated the Care Force team is in terms of giving people an opportunity to work in Belgium or in my case in the Netherlands.

Not only does the Care Force team motivate you, they also give you all the support they can in order to make you learn Dutch and adapt to the new work and living environment.

I would recommend everybody who wants to work in Belgium or in the Netherlands to join the language course Care Force is offering. They work with extremely professional teachers who make it enjoyable to learn the Dutch language. Also, you get presentations within the language course about essential know how┬┤s in the Dutch work environment, as well as the Dutch culture.

Summing up I can say: If you really intend to work in the Netherlands or Belgium in the area of medicine, start your journey with Care Force as you will meet a team that is dedicated, professional, motivated and always caring for you.