Care Force visits Lithuania

The first Lithuanian medical specialists seems to blend in very good in the Netherlands. Because of their great motivation and enthusiasm we are looking forward to meet more Lithuanian medical specialists and dentists.

Care Force comes to Zagreb to meet you in order find you a job

Medical specialists and dentists from Croatia are doing a great job in the Netherlands and Belgium. Why? Did you know that The Netherlands, Belgium and Croatia have a lot of things in common? The inhabitants of all three countries are proud of their culture and value great deal social status. The Catholic Church and family relationships are very important for all of us.

Care Force visits Iasi & Bucharest to meet you!

Romanian dentists and doctors are still considered the undiscovered treasures for dental practices or hospital in Belgium or the Netherlands. On October 6th and 7th Care Force Medical Recruitment will visit the job fairs on October 6th in Iasi (from 11h – 17h in Hotel International Iasi, Strada Palat 5A) and October 7th in Bucharest (from 11h – 17h in Hotel Radisson Blu, Calea Victoriei 63-81).

Care Force visits Lisbon to meet you!

Portuguese dentists and doctors are highly valued for their educational level and professional skills in dental practises and hospitals in Belgium and the Netherlands. Recruiter Timo Hiemstra has had a role in numerous successful relocations of doctors and dentist from Portugal. He will be glad to meet you in Lisbon. If you’re thinking about continuing your dental or medical career in one of these countries, make sure you visit the job fair on 20th May in the SANA Lisboa Hotel and look for Care Force.  Timo Hiemstra will be there to inform you about everything you need and want to know about continuing your medical or dental career in Belgium or the Netherlands. He will be more than happy to address all your personal questions . Timo has visited Lisbon three time before and fell in love with this beautiful city. The amazing view from the fort and enjoying dishes like Cataplana de Marisco are several reasons why he cannot wait to visit Lisbon once again this spring.

Greek doctors and dentist to the Netherlands and Belgium

Did you know that a lot of Greek people have a history with the Netherlands and Belgium? A lot of Greek people moved to the Netherlands in the 60 and there is a very big Greek community in Brussels. Dutch and Belgium people love to visit Greece for their holidays and you can find a Greek restaurant in almost every city. This makes the relocation for medical specialist in general very pleasant and successful. On behalf of Care Force Hans Klaassen; senior recruiter for the medical department is going to Athens. Hans has been to Athens and Thessaloniki 8 times to speak with Greek doctors and Dentist.

Article in the Dutch newspaper ‘de Volkskrant’

More and more European Dentists come to the Netherlands. This article in the Dutch newspaper 'de Volkskrant' illustrates that learning the Dutch language is important but very possible. At Care Force we have an in-house language course that will help you get up to the required language level. Even more so, we from Care Force will help you get yourself registered as well as find a job for you as a Dentist in the Netherlands!